How To Register Domain Name on GoDaddy

In this article, we are going to see, how to register for Domain name on GoDaddy. So, you have decided to get a domain for yourself finally great. Lets start the registration process. It’s simple:

Godaddy Image

Step 1: Go to [Note:Here we are going to register on] but the process is similar. Click on Get started.

GoDaddy Registration Page

Step 2: The GoDaddy Domain page will show option as shown in below image. Just select “No Thanks” as of now.

GoDaddy Registration Page

Step 3: Just skip custom email registration and make your Domain registration private by agreeing to pay a small premium amount to avoid your name and address to be not available in WHOIS database.

GoDaddy Domain Registration

Step 4: Enter your name, address, mobile number and choose the payment option for GoDaddy Domain registeration.

GoDaddy Domain Registration

Step 5:  And that’s it. You have got a new domain name registered.

GoDaddy Domain Registration

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